The New Year’s Resolution Show launches its own online diet club.

As losing weight and eating better is the "favourite" New Year’s resolution amongst 63% of UK adults, the New Year’s Resolution Show has teamed up with top nutritionist Siobhan Ahearne-Smith to launch an online diet club.

Siobhan has a deep understanding of the science behind nutrition and has worked for the National Obesity Forum and contributed to the Action on Obesity Report by the Royal College of Physicians. With her expertise and passion for making Britain healthier she trusts that the New Year’s Resolution Show Diet Club will be a helpful tool for those hoping to lose weight in the New Year.

The New Year’s Resolution Show Diet Club offers members a food diary which boasts an extensive database of foods, an exercise diary, and a forum where users can share tips, recipes, and words of encouragement.

When you sign up you will enter your current weight, goal weight, and how much you are hoping to lose each week; and by setting a weekly weigh-in day you can easily monitor your progress.

The “Picture search” makes the calorie counter simple to use and with photos of over 160,000 UK foods, you can quickly find what you're looking for and filter the results by a specific brand name. The food diary remembers what you add regularly, lets you save favourite foods and quickly group items to create your own recipes. You can also upload your own recipes to your personal recipe book; simply enter in all of the ingredients and find out the calorie and fat content per serving. The New Year's Resolution Show Diet Club takes the guesswork out of home cooked meals and enables you to further understand the food choices you’re making.

In addition to the food diary the New Year’s Resolution Show Diet Club offers a practical and extensive activity and exercise database so you can track how many calories you burn throughout the day. You’ll find activities such as walking a dog, hot yoga, and swimming, to add to your diary.

The forum section of the site offers members a space where you can interact with people who have similar weight loss goals. Those that engage in forums often see greater success in losing weight as the combination of continued encouragement, reporting your diet progress and knowing that you are helping others is extremely motivating.

Siobhan says, “Monitoring what you eat each day is the first step to understanding how to properly fuel your body. Choosing fresher, healthier meals will instantly make you feel lighter and more energized than fatty processed foods. Talking to like minded people about your successes and struggles in losing weight will also keep you focused and allow you to be part of a community whose primary aim is to get healthier.”

"£3.6bn was spent on New Year's resolutions by 63% of UK adults in 2015, with healthy living being the primary concern. Research shows that gyms on average experience 30%+ more new members per month during January than other months. However, what’s the good in joining a gym or taking up a new sport if you don’t monitor what you put in your body too? Often people will join a gym but miss out on finding other ways to be healthy. Those that think pounding away on a treadmill is the only way to feel healthy don’t realise that changing just one or two items on the weekly grocery list can have a massive impact on overall wellbeing. A new study from the University of Washington has found that while more people are exercising, the rate of obesity is climbing too. Some of you might have heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. You have to understand what’s in your food and the consequences of eating certain things if you want to lose weight and see more abs than flab."

Sign up here and get a 5 day free trial.

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