Be SMARTER to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Every year millions all over the nation make New Year’s Resolutions; to improve their health, change their diet, or give up a bade habit. While many succeed, countless others find the initial hope and promise dissipates and the Resolutions fall by the wayside.

The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to Philip Clarke, Lecturer of Psychology at University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL), who gave us his top tips for making sure you are one of those who stick to your New Year’s Resolutions this year:  

Be More this New Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time for a new you, to be the best you can be; to be more. For some, the turn of another year means yet more colder months, dark mornings and a serious case of the January blues. The Christmas tree comes down as the kids go back to school and the adults go back to work. But January does not need to be a month of low spirits, forgotten resolutions and winter colds; it’s the time to set new goals and reach new heights be it in your career, family life or personal ambitions.

Resolve to End Your "Life Crisis" this New Year

Almost half (44%) of the British public have either had or are going through a ‘life crisis’, a poll recently commissioned by The Open University has revealed. To help people restore their personal balance this New Year, The Open University is urging people to discover their ‘Plan P - their ‘Passion Plan’ – and Resolve to realise their unfulfilled ambitions.

Get Your Finances Into Gear This New Year

Taking control of your finances is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, a perfect illustration that millions all over the country will be worrying about money this New Year. Not being in control of your money can be stressful and make you worry, especially after the money draining festive period.  

The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to bad credit car finance specialists Reufused Car Finance and they gave us their tips for getting your finances under control so you can enjoy life more.

Dragon’s Den Successes Will Swing You Fit This New Year

With Fitness being high on everyone’s New Year’s agenda, a Dragon’s Den success story want to bring some fun to the proceedings, with a joyful cardio workout inspired by vintage vibes and street dances.

The Key to Your New Year’s Resolution – Be Brave

If there is one time of year where we need to put our fears behind us it is the New Year. Whether we are Resolving to go for a new job, travel or start a new hobby, being brave is not something we’re always good at. If you want to change that this New Year, we have some great advice for you.


We all know that the New Year means making promises that despite our best intentions we will find hard to keep. With many people setting resolutions to get fitter, eat a more balanced diet or to drop a dress size, Yushoi has come up with some top tips to help you to take small steps that could have a big impact.

Don’t try to change everything

Get into Fitness this January with tips from Team Macmillan

Fitness is always near the top of the agenda in the New Year, with billions being spent on exercise and gyms experiencing a 30% uplift in the first few months of the year. But keeping those resolutions and hitting those fitness goals can be much harder than it seems. The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to Team Macmillan coach, Phil Roberton, who gave us his advice on how to approach your fitness in the New Year.

Saving Top of this Year's Resolution List

As the UK starts on its New Year’s Resolution list, money matters are firmly on the agenda with the majority of people (78%) saying they plan to save next year and a third of that group, (34%) saying they will save more than in 2016.  The research, from new challenger bank Masthaven, finds that many will be saving with distinct goals in mind, with an estimated £4,000 each being put aside.

Try "Dry January" This New Year

Many New Year’s Resolutions are about a permanent change, and that is what makes them so hard to keep. But making a change for a single month is more achievable and a terrific starting point for any changes you may want to make, which is why many are advocating “Dry January”.  

“Dry January” is the perfect way for your body and wallet to recover from an indulgent Christmas and New Year celebrations. Giving up your old friend alcohol for a mere 31 days will save you a few quid, lose a few pounds, and feel more energised and refreshed in the process. It also provides a great starting point for evaluating the role alcohol plays in your life.


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