Can a High-Fat Diet Help You Meet Your New Year Goals?

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight; and if you’re aiming to lose weight, the last thing you should be doing is eating fatty foods, right?

Not necessarily!

The good news – research published in leading medical journal The Lancet has shown that adopting a high-fat diet can lead to reduced bodyweight and waist circumference. The bad news – this doesn’t mean you can feast on fish and chips every night.

Blaze a Trail to Fitness with BhangraBlaze

Men, Freshen Up This New Year

The New Year is a time when many of us  Resolve to find love, start looking for a new job or put the spark back into our existing relationships. But, with a recent study showing that women have a superior sense of smell, the chances are that, if you’re a man, you may be self-conscious about those little pongs, and that may be affecting your confidence. So whether you’re on a date, in a job interview, or enjoying ‘netflix and chill’ there are a few smells that you may find yourself worried about. Follow these tips to avoid bad odours, and keep your fresh and cool confidence intact.


My New Year’s Resolution that has Reaped Amazing Rewards

The New Year is a time for big change. With a New Year, many look to improve themselves, but sometimes, the real motivation to follow through with a New Year’s Resolution, comes not from helping yourself, but in how you can benefits others. We spoke to children’s author Nicola J Rowley, who told us her story:

At the start of 2016, I made a New Year’s resolution to be kind to others. As with all resolutions, I fully intended to follow it through, and I’m glad to say that in doing so, it has led me down a path, which 12 months ago I never could have imagined.

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

The New Year is a time when many look to cut back on their alcohol consumption. Maybe they are taking part in "Dry January", maybe they are looking to compensate for an overly indulgent festive period, or maybe they have simply decided that the time has come to make a permanent change to their relationship with alcohol. When making a bold lifestyle choice as your New Year's Resolution, it is vital that you receive support from your significant other; but research by alcohol education charity Drinkaware has revealed that support isn’t always equal, with men the biggest culprits.

Happy New Career? One in Three Hate Their Job

The New Year is a time when many resolve to find a new job, and that could be truer than ever this year. A new study released today indicates that job satisfaction in the UK is low, with many workers wishing they were doing something entirely different with their lives.

Outside of the Box Fitness with Team Box

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed Team Box. Team Box is a coaching programme which aims to provide a flexible and sustainable strategy to both training and nutrition and ensure that the process is realistic, achievable and tailored specifically to you.

'Read More' Top of ‘NEW’ New Year’s Resolutions

Traditional New Year resolutions, such as quitting smoking, have been replaced by modern life changes like reading more and saving money, a study has revealed.

New technology and healthier lifestyles mean three quarters of Brits have binned ‘old fashioned’ vows relating to smoking, alcohol and exercise.

Current top resolutions are reading more books and saving money, the poll of 2,000 people found. The third biggest aim is losing weight while redecorating the house came fourth. In fifth place was taking better photographs on iPhones or iPads.

Is a Yoga Retreat What You Need This New Year?

When making those New Year Resolutions we tend to focus on the things right in front of us; be it our weight, our general fitness, finding love or taking better care of our finances. When we do Resolve to “see the world”, we often try to pack too much in, and end up more stressed at the end of our holiday than at the start.  But one travel company recommends you take some time to focus on yourself, and take advantage of a tranquil yoga retreat.  

Stay in the Hoop with HulaFit

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed HulaFit. HulaFit is a fitness programme based around the hula-hoop that aimes to help you tone that troublesome tummy area, and enjoy the other benefits that can be gained from spinning the humble hoop, namely improved strength, coordination and calorie burning as well as the undeniable enjoyment factor.


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