Be Chicken this New Year with GSN

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed Gold Standard Nutrition about their Steam Cooked Chicken and Healthy Sauces. Gold Standard Nutrition provide convenient, nutritious food with absolutely no compromise on taste, quality or value.


Go Bananas for Plantain This New Year

The New Year is the time when many Resolve to find exciting but healthy alternatives to our culinary guilty pleasures.  Well, Lisa Roukin, the successful chef and author of cookbook ‘My Relationship with Food’, has developed some fantastic grain and gluten free recipes filled with fantastic health benefits using a super Banana known as the Plantain.


Five top tips to eat well for less in the New Year

With the festive season over, many of us all over the country are looking to the New Year as the perfect time to make a difference in our lives. Some will it be resolving to eat better, while others will look to make taking better care of their finances their main New Year’s Resolution.

The New Year’s Resolutions Show spoke to Ewen Crilley, Hospitality Operations Trainer at the University of Derby, who thinks that if you making it your mission to be both healthy and save money in the New Year, you should forget crash diets and costly weight-loss products, but instead follow a few simple steps that will enable you to eat well without burning a hole in your pocket.

10 Resolutions to Make You Happier at Work in The New Year

After the events of the last year, many will be looking to change their lives for the better, and make New Year’s Resolutions that bring about a real difference in their lives. Plenty of people are feeling like it’s time to take back control, and where better to start than work?

The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to Helen Jones, an expert on workplace wellbeing and psychological health and founder of Cardiff-based Cortecs, who deliver leadership and management training. Here are her 10 simple and achievable tips to make your working life run smoothly throughout the next year.

Make Fitness a Pizza-Cake with MuscleFood

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed MuscleFood about their new Pizza range. MuscleFood are a provider of premium nutrition products, aimed at athletes, body-builders and sports enthusiasts.


For most the New Year is a time when most are looking to make a change in their lives for the better; whether it is to improve your diet, start a new exercise regime, start looking for love or begin to pay more attention to your personal finances.

But there are many out there who are seemingly quite happy with their lot, and want the whole idea of New Year’s Resolutions to be done away with. One organisation has called for a halt to New Year Resolutions and is offering a sanctuary to men who don’t want to pledge to diet, give up the booze or join a gym!

Help Charities Make the Most of Your Unwanted Items This New Year

It’s that time once again when we’re inclined to take a look at the contents of our homes and wonder what needs to go. Alastair Petrie, from Gift Aid specialists BMc Azurri provides his top tips for making sure charity shops can get the most from your charitable donations

New Research Finds CVs Recruiters Crave

With nearly 1 in 3 Britons having job seeking among their New Year’s to-do list, it may be that the New Year is the perfect time to blow the dust off that Curriculum Vitae and make sure it passes muster. But new research has shown that it is not your skills or education that are most enticing to recruiters, but how much experience you have. 

Get Fighting Fit with Jennifer Metcalfe

The New Year is a time when many Resolve to take up exercise, with hitting the gym or losing a few pounds exercising at home being one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. The New Year’s Resolutions Show spoke to Former Hollyoaks star and LighterLife Fast ambassador Jennifer Metcalfe about her top tips for getting, and staying, in shape.  

Do You Need a New Year Detox From Your Phone?

Among the many things you may Resolve to give up this New Year, there is one addiction that could be hardest of all to cut down on. Millions of Britons are missing out on life’s most precious moments – because they are too busy trying to capture them on their mobile phones, according to a new study.


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